Siphs was created by two guys, Arpan Jhaveri and Tom Sharpton, with the same frustrations. Finding relevent scientific information on the web was hard, and finding people who could help was even harder. They knew that the best way to find information, or help, was to find the persons with the right scientific background.

Why post on mulitple discussion boards when you can search through them at the same time? Why spend time looking for a researcher with the revelvant expertise when you can contact one with a few clicks? They knew things could be done better, and so Siphs was born!

The Siphs mission is to expedite scientific discovery by facilitating information sharing and open diagolue within the biological and biomedical sciences community.

It's a simple system really:
1. Search for answers to your questions.
2. Ask your question if you can't find an answer.
3. Share your knowledge with the rest of the community!

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