Possible modification due to TCA/Aceton precipitation?
I isolated and purified a protein. Now I want a sequence verification via Mass Spectromtry. Is it possible that the protein gets modified during the T...
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Has anyone had success with the Tyramide Signal Amplification protocol? I work with S. Purpuratus and end up smashing them in the midst of the TSA. ...
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Siphs Reading Group: 11-22-2006
Context-sensitive autoassociative memories as expert systems in medical diagnosis

"The complexity of our contempora...
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Useful Web Sites
Like many people I am not able to keep up with the literature as much as I would like. I was wondering if anyone knew of any web-sites that offer pod-...
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CD25+ CD4-CD8-CD3-
Hi, I'm new to flow cytometry, and immunology as a whole. I was wondering if anyone knew off-hand what the CD25+ popuation that keeps showing up in...
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"Biology has been the limelight for over centuries and we feel it is the only multifaceted field that has proved to have more attention."

"Provides access to viral genomes and a variety of tools for comparative genomic analyses. At the heart of the system is VOCs (Virus Orthologous Clusters), which allow users to retrieve and analyze genes, gene families, and genomes of different viruses."

"Simbiome is a trusted, online electronic resource that organizes and presents relevant resources for physics-based simulation of biomedical structures and related entities in biology and life sciences."

"The Allen Brain Atlas (ABA) is an interactive, genome-wide image database of gene expression in the mouse brain. A combination of RNA in situ hybridization data, detailed Reference Atlases and informatics analysis tools are integrated to provide a searchable digital atlas of gene expression."

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私は、S. Purpuratusと協力し、TSAの真っ只中でそれらを壊してしまいます。
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I LOVE バッグ



WiMAXは、HTC EVO WiMAX ISW11HTのころから使っているが、WiMAX2になるとき一度解約した経緯がある。



WiMAX2+になって、基地局は30,000を超えて当時とは、電波の入りがとても良いので、WiMAX2+ デビューしたんだが、快適なモバイルライフを送らせてくれている。

WiMAX2+の比較サイト ポケットWi-Fi、モバイルルータ、WiMAXの違いと比較